Internet Service

Savang Moua climbs the tower in Ruth.

Foothills Connect has established a broadband Internet service in conjunction with our partner, Skyrunner of Asheville. This is a line-of-sight, point-to-multi-point wireless service.

In other words, homes and businesses that can see our transmitters are eligible for this service, which, at the top end, provides 6 megbits per second download and 2 megabits per second upload.

Transmitters are installed on:

  • Lake Lure Water Tower on Highway 9
  • Cherry Mountain
  • Harris Mountain
  • Tryon Peak
  • Broad River Authority Towers in
    1. Ruth/Railroad Avenue
    2. Spindale
    3. Bostic
    4. Harris Water Tower/221 South
  • Fairview Mountain Ministries (near Sunshine)
  • Oakland Road Cell Tower
  • Little Pisgah Mountain
  • Cell Tower at Island Ford Road
  • Rutherford Regional Hospital
  • Chimney Rock

Efforts are underway to expand the number of transmitters available in Rutherford County, Burke County, Western Cleveland County, and McDowell County.

If you are interested in this service, please call 828-288-1650.

The service is available on three levels:

1. Ultra – 6 mps download and 2 mps upload, $60/month.

2. Pro - 3 mps download and 1 mps upload, $40 a month.

3. Basic - 1.5 mps download and 512 kbs upload, $30 a month.

4. Call for details on business plans.

Basic installation is a one-time fee that can range from $139-199, which pays for the equipment, the installation of a small antenna on your home and connection to either your computer or a router.

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